[ensembl-dev] Biomart scerevisiae_paralog_paralogy_confidence attribute missing?

Matthieu Muffato muffato at ebi.ac.uk
Mon Jun 4 15:51:07 BST 2018

Hi Greg

Indeed we don't compute the "high-confidence" flag on paralogues. Of 
what we do for orthologues, only the threshold on the percentage of 
sequence identity / coverage could apply to paralogues, but we haven't 
looked at identifying sensible thresholds.


On 01/06/18 15:42, Greg Slodkowicz wrote:
> Hello,
> I've been using the biomaRt R package to obtain paralogs for yeast and 
> noticed that I'm getting the value of NA for 
> the scerevisiae_paralog_paralogy_confidence attribute in all cases. I 
> was wondering why that is and if there's any way to identify the more 
> reliable paralog predictions?
> Many thanks,
> Greg

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