[ensembl-dev] Transcripts Events in mm9 Biomart

Leila Alieh alieh.leila at gmail.com
Sun Jan 21 18:59:01 GMT 2018

Dear all,

I am working on alternative splicing. I noticed that in the Ensembl Biomart
mm9 for Mus musculus there is the option to download the Splicing events
annotated for each transcript. This option is not available anymore in
later assembly. Why this option has been eliminated? Are there concerns
about the annotation of splicing events for mouse?
I have a set of spliced exons in my project and overlapping their
coordinates with those of the annotated splicing events in Ensembl mm9 v.67
I find annotated events for about 60% of the spliced exons in my dataset. I
understand that generally speaking splicing events annotation are not
complete, but can we assume that they are correct? Does Ensembl offer a
better annotation for alternative splicing events?

Thanks in advance


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