[ensembl-dev] Main gene vs. alternate

Mahmood Naderan mahmood.nt at gmail.com
Sat Nov 18 17:37:37 GMT 2017

I use the following code to retrieve all instances of a gene name. Then I
compare each display_id with the gene name that I have and if they match, I
go further to process them.

my @genes = @{ $gene_adaptor->fetch_all_by_external_name('HLA-DRB1') };
while (my $gene = shift @genes) {
  my $big_string = $gene->display_xref->display_id;
  my $pat = "HLA-DRB1";
  my $match_found = $big_string =~ /$pat/i;
  if ($match_found) {

Problem is that I get multiple items and they display_id are equal to what
I have (HLA-DRB1). On the website, the main instance is named and the
others are named "Human Alternative sequence Gene". I don't want to store
them. I just need the main "Human Gene".

What is the correct attribute to distinguish that?

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