[ensembl-dev] REST API differences grch37 vs current

Wolf Beat Beat.Wolf at hefr.ch
Thu Dec 21 10:56:59 GMT 2017


i have an issue when trying to write a generic client for both grch37 and the current ensembl REST api.

In the VEP endpoint you can compare those two requests:



In the current version, the clin_sig and pubmed field is an array, in the grch37 version it is a string that separates the values with comas.

This is not the first time fields seem to randomly change between arrays and strings, i also never see those changes in the changelog.

This makes developing a stable client for the ensembl API very hard. The fact that there are no REST archives makes it even harder. At least for the biomart interface i can always use the second last release, to have a stable endpoint and move to the new release when i'm sure i found all undocumented changes.

Are you considering making archives for the REST api, to provide stable endpoints for tool developers?

I would like to reinterate my wish for a full GRCH37 archive as well, to have a stable endpoint. Currently i'm forced to use the feb2014 archive to be sure nothing breaks due to undocumented changes.

I hope this email wasn't too pessimistic, i simply want to alert you to the issue that without stable archives its very hard for application developers to use the ensembl api.

And i'm pretty sure that difference between grch37 and the current api is not intended.

Kind regards

Beat Wolf

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