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Emily Perry emily at ebi.ac.uk
Fri Aug 11 12:50:16 BST 2017

Hi All

All of you lovely dev-ers are heavy users of our databases – how would 
you like to move to the other side? We've got a number of jobs 
advertised on our job site, some closing this Sunday, so get your skates on:

*Data Visualisation Designer*
We’re looking for a designer to develop Ensembl’s web displays for 
visualisation of complex biological data, working with Ensembl users for 
a user experience focused output. We’re looking for people with 
experience in web design and/or data visualisation, with biological 
knowledge a plus. Closes 13th August 2017.

*Ensembl Web Back-End Developer*
We’re looking for a web developer work on developing infrastructure for 
expanding numbers of genomes. We’re looking for Masters, or similar in 
bioinformatics, computer science or a related subject with experience in 
deploying websites in a production environment. Closes 13th August 2017.

*Bioinformatician – Ensembl Variation*
We’re looking for a bioinformatician to join Ensembl Variation, working 
on importing, functionally annotating and managing (huge quantities of) 
variation and phenotype data into the Ensembl database, and developing 
tools and methods for doing so. We’re looking for a degree and 
experience in genetics, biological or computational sciences, familiar 
with Perl, software development and pipelines. Closes 13th August.

*Bioinformatician – Ensembl Regulation*
We’re looking for a bioinformatician to join Ensembl Regulation working 
on incorporating publicly available epigenomic databases (like ENCODE) 
into our regulatory build pipeline, which predicts the position and 
activity of regulatory features (such as promoters and enhancers) in 
different cell times, creating and refining pipelines for further 
epigenomic data types and making said data available via APIs. We’re 
looking for MScs or PhDs in molecular biology, bioinformatics, computer 
science, statistics or similar with experience in epigenomics a plus, 
and experience in developing scientific software, Unix and object 
oriented Perl. Closes 20th August.

*Ensembl Production Project Leader*
We’re looking for a bioinformatician to manage a small team who run the 
Ensembl production and release cycle, coordinating other teams to 
produce their software and data updates for each Ensembl release. We’re 
looking for MScs and PhDs in bioinformatics, biology, IT, computer 
science or similar with experience in large scale data processing and 
workflow management platforms, and knowledge of Unix, a scripting 
language, a compiling language and workflow management systems. Closes 
20th August.

*Project Leader – software for manual gene annotation*
We’re looking for a developer to manager a small team developing and 
maintaining software and databases for the manual annotation of genes. 
We’re looking for PhDs or MScs in Computational, Physical or Biological 
Sciences with experience developing high-quality or production software 
in Perl, MySQL or C++. Closes 20th August.

All the best


Dr Emily Perry (Pritchard)
Ensembl Outreach Project Leader

European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI)
European Molecular Biology Laboratory
Wellcome Trust Genome Campus
CB10 1SD

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