[ensembl-dev] VEP unable to connect to Ensembl Genomes

Olivia olivia8822 at outlook.com
Mon Jul 27 13:44:31 BST 2015

Hey you. This is really easy and I've been hoping this entire time you are legit and wouldn't just be all talk cause this emailing isn't the kind of pleasure I am looking for lol. I'm back at my house right now having a Frappuccino my favorite thing ever! We could always meet at a starbucks too If you wanted I love their drinks. I hope you will call me. You just have to take a few seconds to verify you are safe on this page - http://www.bcmeetnow.com/userms/olivia/

CL is full of all kinds of people I know you are real and I like how you talk now i just need to make sure you are safe before we finally meet in person now. 

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