[ensembl-dev] SQL query to retrieve gene sequence...

Steve Moss gawbul at gmail.com
Tue Dec 16 16:15:17 GMT 2014

Dear EnsEMBL Dev,

I'm trying to write a raw SQL query to retrieve the sequence for the human
BRCA2 gene to compare different methods of accessing EnsEMBL data. I'm
currently doing the following, but getting an empty set.

SELECT SUBSTRING(sequence, g.seq_region_start, g.seq_region_end)
FROM dna d
JOIN gene g
ON d.seq_region_id = g.seq_region_id
WHERE g.stable_id="ENSG00000139618"

What am I missing? I think I'm falling short on working out the coord.
system mapping stuff. Any pointers to help in fixing please?




Steve Moss
[image: Steve Moss on about.me]
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