[ensembl-dev] Missing bacteria in ensembl genomes databases?

PATERSON Trevor trevor.paterson at roslin.ed.ac.uk
Mon Feb 18 17:40:49 GMT 2013

sorry to be a pain  Dan 
- but is there still one database missing?

I can only find 5838 bacteria

i.e. using select count(distinct species_id) from meta;

bacteria_2 v17 245 species	
bacteria_3 v17 244 species	
bacteria_4 v17 242 species	
bacteria_5 v17 242 species	
bacteria_6 v17 243 species	
bacteria_7 v17 243 species	
bacteria_8 v17 243 species	
bacteria_9 v17 244 species	
bacteria_10 v17 243 species	
bacteria_11 v17 240 species	
bacteria_12 v17 242 species	
bacteria_13 v17 243 species	
bacteria_14 v17 245 species	
bacteria_15 v17 244 species	
bacteria_16 v17 247 species	
bacteria_17 v17 244 species	
bacteria_18 v17 244 species	
bacteria_19 v17 245 species	
bacteria_20 v17 246 species	
bacteria_21 v17 244 species	
bacteria_22 v17 241 species	
bacteria_23 v17 245 species	
bacteria_24 v17 243 species	

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On 02/18/2013 01:13 PM, Dan Staines wrote:
> Hmm, odd - this does indeed seem to be the case though they were 
> definitely there at release time... Apologies, I'll reload these now.

OK, reloaded - let me know if you have any other problems.



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