[ensembl-dev] installing Ensembl Mysql Database copy locally

Jayaraman, Pushkala pjayaraman at mcw.edu
Thu Aug 29 18:39:42 BST 2013

I'm trying to install the Human variation database on our local mysql database and I was going through the instructions here:

To install the Ensembl Data:
1.     Download the directory in ftp.ensembl.org/pub/current/mysql for whatever organism you want to install.
2.     Each table file is gzipped so unpack the data into working directories, keeping separate directories for each database.
For each database you have downloaded, cd into the database directory and perform steps 3-5. For illustration, we will use homo_sapiens_core_72_37 as the database - you need to change this appropriately for each database you install. Remember, you also need to download and install the multi-species databases.

In this line:
"Remember, you also need to download and install the multi-species databases"

What database is this? is there a specific database called "multi-species database" ? what does that database do? Is this absolutely necessary for the <organism>_core_72_37 or the <organism>_variation_72_37 databases to function correctly?

Pushkala Jayaraman
Programmer/Analyst - Rat Genome Database
Human and Molecular Genetics Center
Medical College of Wisconsin

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