[ensembl-dev] attaching BAM as "Remote File" failed with no obvious reason

Dan Sheppard ds23 at sanger.ac.uk
Wed Jun 20 11:07:38 BST 2012

On 20/06/12 10:49, Andrew Tikhonov wrote:
> Thanks a lot Beth for very quick and precise analysis! I'm sure I'm not
> the first who asks -- do you know if the byte-range support can be
> easily turned on in the server ?
> Regards,
> Andrew

This looks very much like Apache httpd server bug #51878.

The requests Beth found were all a byte-range from 0 (ie the start) 
which apache does correctly but sends a 200 (according to the letter, 
but not the spirit of the http standard) rather than a 206 (correct in 
both letter and spirit).

This was fixed in apache 2.2.22 September-last.


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