[ensembl-dev] get Illumina probesets via api

David Bauer david.bauer at bayer.com
Fri Apr 27 12:54:36 BST 2012

Answer to myself:

These are probes and not probesets. So one must use the probe adapter.
This was different in earlier versions of the funcgen api.
The current implementation is cleaner but also more confusing ;-)

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I'm trying to get Illumina probesets mapped to a transcript via

my @probesets = @{$pba->fetch_all_by_linked_Transcript($transcript)}

This gives me all probesets from the various Affy chips but the Illumina, Codelink and Phalanx (displayed on the web page) are missing.
Is there some different api call I must use to get those mappings ? (using version 66)

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