[ensembl-dev] a caching question?

Thomason, James thomason at cshl.edu
Thu Apr 26 00:01:56 BST 2012


I'm working on another exporting gimmick and am having trouble. I've mostly tracked it down, but am trying to isolate what looks like a bug to me. My issue is that no matter where I seem to add in debugging code to ensembl to trace it back, it's never getting executed. I'm trying to add some debugging lines to EnsEMBL::Web::Component, but nothing's showing up.

So my questions -
1) Is there some cache that's butting in here? And, can I clear it out easily enough?
2) Is there some other file I should be editing instead? A plugin or something?

Many thanks, as always.

-Jim Thomason...

Scientific Informatics Developer @ The Ware Lab,
a USDA-ARS Laboratory at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

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