[ensembl-dev] File format for Ensembl API

Salih Tuna st5 at sanger.ac.uk
Sat Oct 29 16:59:53 BST 2011

I have a snplist in the following format.

chr:position alleles gene type rs# base_chg annot dist pop_nr_freq f_nr_case
f_nr_con chisqstat_assoc lrt_stat f+ f- SLOD p_val
chr1:143663633 GC NA NA NA NA NA NA 0.021 0.0172 0.0248 0.51 0.522 0.02347
0.0005306 3.88 0.262649660469        3
chr1:143663637 TG NA NA NA NA NA NA 0.0097 0.0099 0.0096    0 0.002866
0.0106 0.0019 -0.47 1.0  0

Is there a way I can convert this to a correct file format to use in Ensembl
API? I tried the ‹format guess option but it did not like it.

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