[ensembl-dev] Variant effect predictor: regulatory information and MATRIX/HIGH_INF_POS

A. P. Levine a.levine at ucl.ac.uk
Thu Oct 6 11:01:18 BST 2011

Dear Will,

Thank you very much for your reply. MATRIX and HIGH_INF_POS are working online with the test input that you provided.

With respect to the regulatory feature annotation, you were correct; I did not have ensembl-functgenomics in my src directory. I have downloaded it. However, now when I run the script I get the following error message:

"DBD::mysql::st execute failed: Unknown column 'fs.experiment_id' in 'field list' at src/ensembl/modules/Bio/EnsEMBL/DBSQL/BaseAdaptor.pm line 523, <GEN0> line 2026."

Do you know what the problem might be?

Thank you very much.


Adam P. Levine

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