[ensembl-dev] empty gene labels for NHX gene tree

Javier Herrero jherrero at ebi.ac.uk
Wed Feb 23 20:00:56 GMT 2011

Hi Sébastien

No, that is not normal, thank you for reporting this.

Are you OK with using the other display modes (label_composite or geneID for 
instance) until we fix this?


On Wednesday 23 Feb 2011 12:56:42 Sébastien Moretti wrote:
> Hi
> I try to see NHX trees for some gene trees.
> When "full mode" is selected I get an NHX tree without gene labels:
> Only duplication status and bootstraps in the NHX annotations; and
> nothing as leaf label, I mean nothing is written after the opened round
> bracket.
> e.g. ...(:..
> Is it normal ?

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