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Steve Moss S.P.Moss at 2007.hull.ac.uk
Fri Feb 18 08:59:14 GMT 2011

Dear all,

I have created a Perl script that automatically retrieves all the databases
(currently just for core) from the ftp.ensembl.org/pub/current_mysql site
directory, extracts them and inserts them into a local MySQL database. I am
doing lots of parallel runs retrieving data and thought it would be both
more time effective for me, as well as limiting the number of connections
made to your MySQL servers.

I am using the Core and Compara APIs and my question is, what databases will
I need to use all the functionality of both the Core and Compara APIs? I
assume just the core databases for Core, but would I need any others, for
example when using the HomologyAdaptor and SytentyAdaptor in Compara?



Kindest regards,

Steve Moss, BSc (Hons)
PhD Student
Evolutionary Biology Group
Department of Biological Sciences
University of Hull
Cottingham Road
Hull, HU6 7RX
Evolution site: http://goo.gl/7ZReN
site: http://goo.gl/LzGQo
Personal site: http://stevemoss.ath.cx/
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