[ensembl-dev] Segmentation fault when running 'indicate' program

江文恺 biology0046 at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 9 10:31:13 BST 2010

HI all,
I have try to index uniprot-sprot database on my system.
however, i failed to 'indicate' program belonging to 'ensc-core' package, the following is the inputs and outputs:
jiangwenkai at node69:~/uniprot> /home/SCE/jiangwenkai/ensembl/ensc-core/src/Programs/indicate -d $PWD -f uniprot_sprot.fa -i /home/SCE/jiangwenkai/uniprot_index/Program for generating OBDA indicesSteve M.J. Searle.  searle at sanger.ac.uk  Last update Feb 2004.Using File:  [uniprot_sprot.fa]      Index: [/home/SCE/jiangwenkai/uniprot_index/]Primary parser = Error: Didn't find func named Got function address 0Size of /home/SCE/jiangwenkai/uniprot/uniprot_sprot.fa = 178258503Match for uniprot_sprot.fa is /home/SCE/jiangwenkai/uniprot/uniprot_sprot.faSegmentation fault (core dumped)
my system is a SUSE linux cluster, the file system is NFS disk array, the memory of the head node is 16GB.
Any suggestions?
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