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I resend my message, hoping that maybe someone has any idea about how to draw custom gene tree with the ensemble API ? Any information could help !


Balazs Laurenczy

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> De : Balazs Laurenczy <blaurenczy at gmail.com>
> Date : 22 octobre 2010 16:07:47 HAEC
> À : dev at ensembl.org
> Objet : GeneTree View
> Hi,
> I'm working on integrating the gene tree view into a website, using the perl API and the ensembl database. 
> I'd like to generate the gene tree view (only the image, the HTML map and the popup windows) and can't find the right way to access the methods in the perl API.
> Can someone explain in a few steps how to use the EnsEMBL::Web::Component::Gene::ComparaTree objects, as they seem to be the ones that generate the treeview, or any other objects :
>  - what argument do they need to be created ?
>  - what methods I need to use to generate the treeview and what they return ?
>  - how does the image generating process work ?
> Sadly the documentation given by ensembl is quite poor on this part :-(
> Thank you,
> Bests,
> Balazs Laurenczy

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