[ensembl-dev] gene centred info via slices

Hardip Patel H.Patel at victorchang.edu.au
Mon Oct 11 06:06:52 BST 2010

Dear all

I am trying to fetch gene centred information using following code. It takes a long time to extract information for all genes from human or mice at least.

I was wondering if the following code could be optimized to get information faster.

my $slice_adaptor = $registry->get_adaptor($spec, 'Core', 'slice');
  foreach my $slice (@{$slice_adaptor->fetch_all('toplevel')}){
    foreach my $gene (@{$slice->get_all_Genes}){
      foreach my $transcript (@{$gene->get_all_Transcripts}){
          foreach my $exon (@{$transcript->get_all_Exons}){
            ####get transcript, UTR, exon, and intron start and end in cDNA coordinates and genomic coordinates


Hardip R. Patel

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"Charting the depths of RNA: from molecules to therapies"
19 November 2010
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