[ensembl-dev] Gene Annotated on PAR-1 region of Y Chromosome

Bio X2Y bio.x2y at gmail.com
Tue Oct 5 19:19:09 BST 2010


I'm hoping someone might be able to explain why Ensembl 59 has an annotated
gene in the PAR-1 region of Y (gene_id 98559)? From what I understand, it
only makes sense to define genes on the PAR-1 region of X?

A second question, partially related - how does Ensembl define the
coordinates PAR regions? Is some comparison tool run to estimate the regions
of similarity, or are the coordinates provided as part of GRCh37? I'm not
aware of these being mentioned in GRCh37, other than a note for the "lite"
version of the assembly.

Thanks for your help.
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