[Dev] [ensembl-dev] Upcoming Ensembl mailing list changes

Michael Paulini mh6 at sanger.ac.uk
Wed Jul 28 09:54:33 BST 2010

  may i voice, that adding [Dev] instead of [ensembl-dev] to the subject line doesn't help a lot to identify from where 
the mail is actually coming?


On 27/07/10 13:49, Glenn Proctor wrote:
> Dear list subscribers
> In the near future, we will be changing the way that the ensembl-dev
> and ensembl-announce mailing lists are managed.
> The move to new hardware and list management software will increase
> responsiveness on the lists (ensembl-dev in particular has suffered
> from slow deliveries for some time), and in time will also allow us to
> provide a searchable archive of past posts.
> The list addresses will change with the move.
>   ensembl-dev at ebi.ac.uk
>     becomes
>   dev at ensembl.org
>   ensembl-announce at ebi.ac.uk
>     becomes
>   announce at ensembl.org
> The new addresses are active now.
> All subscribers to the old lists have been moved to the new lists -
> you don't need to do any subscribing or unsubscribing yourself. Posts
> to the old list addresses will be automatically forwarded for a short
> time, but please update your email address books and any spam filters
> to reflect the new address list.
> Information about the new lists, including details on how to subscribe
> and unsubscribe, can be found at http://lists.ensembl.org/
> As before, dev at ensembl.org is an open list which any subscriber can
> post to. Posting to announce at ensembl.org is restricted to Ensembl
> people.

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