[ensembl-announce] Ensembl Genomes release 22 is out!

Denise Carvalho-Silva denise at ebi.ac.uk
Mon Apr 7 15:53:36 BST 2014

Dear all,

We are delighted to announce that the latest update of Ensembl Genomes has been released. 
The highlights of release 22 are:

New Genomes

Ensembl Plants

	Amborella trichopoda
	Prunus persica (peach)
	Oryza (rice) genomes: O. barthii, O. glumaepatula, O. meridionalis, O. nivara, and O. punctate

Ensembl Protists

	Bigelowiella natans
	Pythium (plant pathogens) genomes: P. aphanidermatum, P. arrhenomanes, P. irregulare, P. iwayamai, P. ultimum, and P. vexans

Ensembl Metazoa

	Onchocerca volvulus

Ensembl Bacteria

	1,246 additional genomes (11,010 genomes now represented in total)
New data

Ensembl Plants

Sorghum bicolor variation data based on the SAP panel (Morris et. al. 2013)

Homoeologous genes between the wheat component A, B and D genomes

Whole genome alignments
	Inter-homoleogue alignments between the wheat A, B and D genomes, and integration with the gene trees
	Between Amborella trichopoda and Arabidopsis thaliana, and	Amborella trichopoda and Oriza sativa Japonica
	Between the five new rice genomes and O. sativa Japonica, as well as against each other new rice genome

Updated data

Ensembl Fungi

	Latest annotations for S. pombe from PomBase
	GO annotation projected from S cerevisiae and S pombe to all species

Ensembl Metazoa

	Latest EST-based genes for many species
	Removal of haplotype regions in Anopheles gambiae
	Peptide comparative genomes

Ensembl Plants

	Updated UniGene alignments in T. aestivum against its progenitors
	Peptide comparative genomes

Questions or comments?
Drop us a line at helpdesk at ensemblgenomes.org

The Ensembl Genomes team
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