[ensembl-announce] Ensembl Genomes release 19: announcement

Denise Carvalho-Silva denise at ebi.ac.uk
Fri Jul 5 13:07:45 BST 2013

Dear all,

Ensembl Genomes release 19 is out!

The release contains new and updated genomes and associated data, which can be accessible via the Ensembl Genomes website, the REST web service, the Perl APIs and the FTP site.

The detailed features of this new release are:

Ensembl Metazoa
* New genomes
Rhodnius prolixus (a hemipteran, imported from VectorBase)
Tetranychus urticae (two-spotted spider mite, a chelicerate)
Crassostrea gigas (Pacific oyster)
Lottia gigantea (owl limpet)
Capitella teleta (polychaete worm)
Helobdella robusta (leech)

* New data
Synteny, based on orthology, between Drosophila melanogaster and Anopheles gambiae

* Updated data
Peptide comparative genomics and BioMart

Ensembl Fungi
* Updated genomes
S. pombe (PomBase v36)

* New data
Transcript profiling RNA-Seq for Zymoseptoria tritici (SRA study SRP017084)

* Updated data
Annotations of pathogenic phenotype imported from PHI-base

Ensembl Protists
* New genomes
Paramecium tetraurelia (Ciliate)

* Updated data
Peptide compara and Biomart

Ensembl Plants
* New genomes
Triticum urartu (wheat A-genome progenitor)
Aegilops tauschii (wheat D-genome progenitor)

 New data
Bread wheat genome alignments to barley

* Updated data
Barley variations and BioMart

Ensembl Bacteria
* No significant updates

Let us know what you think of our new release on helpdesk at ensemblgenomes.org

note: the public MySQL and FTP will be available shortly.

The Ensembl Genomes Team

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