[ensembl-announce] Ensembl Genomes Release 19 Intentions

Dan Staines dstaines at ebi.ac.uk
Tue Apr 30 10:22:29 BST 2013

Dear all,

Please find attached a summary of our intentions for release 19 of 
Ensembl Genomes, due out on 2nd July 2013. Please note these are 
intentions and are therefore not guaranteed to be completed for July.

These can also be viewed online at:

Best regards,

Dan Staines, on behalf of the Ensembl Genomes team.

- Release scheduled for 2nd July 2013
- Update to Ensembl 72 software
- Update of pan homology comparative genomics database to include latest 
versions of genomes from Ensembl and Ensembl Genomes, including the 
addition of:
-- Tetranychus urticae
-- Lottia gigantea
-- Helobdella robusta

- New and updated genomes
-- Updated to reflect latest genome set available from INSDC
- Updated data
-- Updated gene families database
-- Addition of MetaCyc cross-references
-- Full representation of assembly structure

- Updated genomes
-- Updated S. pombe gene models and new annotations
- New data
-- New Phytopath Annotations
-- RNA-Seq for Zymoseptoria tritici

- New genomes
-- Paramecium tetraurelia (Ciliate)
- New data
-- DNA alignment for Ciliates
-- Updated data
-- Peptide compara
-- Biomart

- New genomes
-- Rhodnius prolixus (a hemipteran, imported from VectorBase)
-- Tetranychus urticae (red spider mite, a chelicerate)
-- Crassostrea gigas (Pacific oyster)
-- Lottia gigantea (owl limpet)
-- Capitella teleta (polychaete worm, an annelid)
-- Helobdella robusta (leech, another annelid worm)
- Updated data
-- Peptide comparative genomics
-- BioMart

- New genomes
-- Triticum urartu (wheat A-genome progenitor)
-- Aegilops tauschii (wheat D-genome)
- New data
-- New sorghum variations
-- New tomato variations
-- New probe mappings for potato and tomato
-- New R-gene data for potato
- Updated data
-- Revised barley variations
-- DNA and Peptide compara
-- BioMarts

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